SizeGenetics or arousal pills – which one works better?

SizeGenetics or arousal pills – which one works better?

Have you ever felt the urge to give everything to your lover? If she wants chocolates, you will go through all the trouble to buy one at 2 in the morning. How about when your partner wants to do an intimate activity with you? There will be cases wherein you’d be willing to have sex, but sometimes, you’ll be too tired to give in to what she wants.

What’s worse is that she tries to get you arouse and fail to do so. In turn, she would feel you don’t want her! What’s the best solution for this? One product, SizeGenetics.

Studies have shown that women fake orgasms in order to make their partner feel pleasure but little do we know that men fake orgasms too! Why? The arousal level doesn’t live up to the person’s expectation.

Best solution for an exciting sex life

Most men who go through this dilemma would choose to use arousal pills. This type of pill can aid in increasing ones’ sex drive, but as we all know, everything has side effects.

If you’re not careful, you may encounter complications such as penis dysfunction and illnesses. So, why do men still use this even if there are already red flags? Because it’s an over the counter drug, easily accessible and convenient to use.

Arousal pills are a type of drug which activates your sex drive through the use of opium and other chemical ingredients. Once you misuse this, your body may not function well like before.

In most cases, the longer you use it means the pills effectiveness decreases. Then, it’ll become useless, and you’ll try to look for a higher dose (which is, in fact, more dangerous)!

Meanwhile, SizeGenetics is a tool to not only improve your length and thickness, but it also aids in increasing a man’s libido. What’s so good about it? It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that may harm the user in the long run!